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I love offering the service of artistically preserving your memories. Being a photographer means I get to freeze your memories and give them to you to have for generations to come. I want your photos to tell your story. I want you to be able to look at those photos years from now and remember the way your newborn baby’s hand felt in yours, or the anticipation you felt as you walked down the aisle to see your spouse for the first time. Years from now, I want you to be able hear your kids laughing and playing all over again like they did when those memories were captured. Preserving these memories in a candid and real fashion is so important to me as your photographer. My passion is to document intimate moments between people, whether it be between a mother and her unborn child or new spouses saying their vows.

My story

I was born in Portland OR and  but I have lived in Tri-Cities for the majority of my life! I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have three children ages 12, 10 and 5. Juan, Lucas and princess Remy. We also have a fur baby named Russell. We live in the Tri-cities and love taking vacations together, camping and throwing football parties!  My passion is to capture your love story, whether it is just starting, you're adding a member, or capturing the special moments along the way. I am here to be your woman through it all!


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some of our favorite things:

My favorite moments to capture are the intimate ones. I love capturing connection. I love capturing feeling and emotion.

I have an eerie ability of memorizing song lyrics

My legal name on my birth certificate is Rasheena

My favorite part of being a photographer is serving my clients and providing the best service documenting the most precious memories.

I am a nostalgic old soul who loves to read, travel and watch documentaries.

I am fluent in Spanish and a I am a  diet coke and coffee  addict.

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